Memorial Day (A Public Service Announcement)

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As this Memorial Day is quickly approaching, I feel very compelled with the need to “educate” some folks on what Memorial Day is. With each year that passes, it is becoming more and more apparent to me that my generation has (for the most part) literally no clue what Memorial Day is all about. What does Memorial Day mean to you?

The first reminder (outside of my family) that Memorial Day is coming up, came from facebook… a recipe fanpage that I am a fan of, posted something along the lines of “This weekend is all about the grill, which do you like better, charcoal or gas?” Out of the 78 replies that I scrolled through, only one person thought to point out what the day is for, aside from myself.

The next clue was in my email today… RC Willey has Avatar on Blue Ray, half off for Memorial Day. It means that Osh has a 15% off coupon, and that’s “blowout sale” got extended an extra day, or that I can get 20% off my entire purchase at H&M. Oh and let’s not forget, it’s is a 3 day weekend, marking the beginning of summer. Camping season, boating season, party season. But none of these things are what Memorial Day is about, and I truly don’t think that some people even know what it is about.

I remember as a child my mother and grandmother took us to the cemetary every year on Memorial Day, and we put flowers on the graves of relatives buried there. The thing is, while that is fine and dandy, that is not even what the day is intended to be, so here it is: Memorial Day was originally known as “Decoration Day, and in the United States dates all the way back to the Civil War. Specifically it was a day, which many towns recognized separately, particularly in the South, when mainly the women would visit the graves, often in the physical battlefields where soldiers were buried, to decorate the graves, and remember those lost to the war. The first “Official” Memorial Day on a national level was May 30, 1968 and was proclaimed by General John Logan, and was marked by the laying of the wreaths at Arlington National Cemetary, for both Union and Confederate Soldiers, and has continued ever since.

I know what I think of on Memorial Day: It is the first and thankfully only Military Funeral I have had to attend. It is the fact that possibly the cutest little girl I have ever seen, will probably know her father only from pictures and stories. It is the fact that I have never met my Uncle, since he was lost after Vietnam, although not physically. It is those remaining veterans of the Greatest Generation that I am honored to have met through the MOPH, and those like my husband who were seriously injured in our ongoing War on Terror.

So anyway, my whole point to this, to make it short, is that Memorial Day is a day of observance, decoration, and reflection for those who have died IN SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY. Not just a party day, a day of great shopping deals, or even just a day to remember family members. It is much more sacred than that.


Verbal Blunders from a Four Year Old

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Blunder #1- Driving out of our court, I was all set to “go” but when I looked right, I saw an SUV was coming. Quick stop. I looked back at William in his carseat, who is recovering from the stop…

Me- “Sorry for the jerk”
William- “What jerk?”
Me- “The jerk I gave you just now.”
William- “Yes Mommy, you did jerk me this morning when you didn’t let me read your magazine!”

Ahh kids are soo funny.

Then about an hour later in coffe shop, we were sharing a cinnamon roll, and I had a latte, and got William a bottle of water. William’s response to the water: “Oh Mommy is this water? I was asking for the juice! But that is ok, I still love you so much.” After a glare from me, I did get a thank you Mommy. This is how he lost his tea last night, I don’t think he wanted a reenactment.

By the way, as a sidenote, I discovered the very best cinnamon rolls on the planet today, at Kona Coffee shop in Rocklin CA. If you are in that area ever they are a must have.

Then just now, “Mommy do you know you are a real pain in the foot?”

BumbleBee and Bad Words.

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To background today’s story, The Green Tangerine (possibly one of my very favorite stores) seems to be going out of business. I went by tonight to get in on the clearance sales, and took William with me. Oh boy, a 4 year old in a scrapbooking store. What a scenario. Anyway, in honor of the amazing deals, I actaully let us purchase some of the many many items he just had to touch, point to, and throw in my basket. William’s favorite section of the store, was the halloween isle.

Last year for halloween, he dressed up as BumbleBee, the transformer. The costume consisted of a one-piece suit, pretty much a bearsuit thing, that he still wears as jammies, on nights like tonight. It also had a mask, a chest sheild type thing, and a big gun type shield for one of the arms. Well of course tonight is a night for the BumbleBee Jammies. While excitedly dreaming of next year’s Halloween, William told me that he wants to be BumbleBee again next year, “With the head thing, and the arm thing, and the face thing, and the tummy thing”… on and on.

Well I proceeded to go out and start a load of laundry, while William went into his bedroom to get a game to play.

He came back in, very serious, and announced to me, “Mommy, I have something to say, and I don’t even care if it is a bad word.”

Me, distracted, “Ok, go ahead.”

William, “Ok, I will whisper.”

Me, “Whisper what? … Oh, ok, here whisper it in my ear.”

William, “And the pee pee part, and the bottom part”, with a big smile on his face.

Oh and as I am typing this, more time has passed, and his Dad has arrived. William starts in again… “Daddy, this year I am going to get the WHOLE BumbleBee.”

Dad: “William, the whole BumbleBee wouldn’t even fit in this whole house!”

William: “No Daddy, just to wear.”

The kid is obsessed.


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Well, as promised here are some pictures from a past Paintball4Troops, this is from the 2008 event. And I took them all myself!

Click the photo and you will be directed to the rest of the pictures from the day.


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Well the sun is out in Sacramento for the first time in what feels like ages. Here in NorCal, while we are not quite as blessed with continously sunny days as those SoCal folks, we still do not like be deprived for weeks on end.

So, the sun is out, and with the blinding brightness, and the warm feel on my face, I can only think of one thing, summertime! What a busy busy summer we have coming up this year! These busy summer’s are utterly and completly all my fault, but I just can’t help myself. I LOVE summer and I want to make every second count! So far we have at least 4 major events planned.

First of all, May 15 is Paintball 4 Troops. It is also (coincidentally) Armed Forces Day! Paintball 4 Troops is something that my husband, along with some awesome freinds of his started, and this year will be the third annual, and best yet. For my family, the weeks leading up to this day are crazy – filled with errands, chores, phone calls, you name it. Especially busy for my hubby as he does most of the work, but I would like to think that I do chip in a bit! Anyway they play paintball and raise money for troops. This year the profits are going directly the Folsom Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. If you are intrigued, here is a link… (shameless plugs welcomed here). Maybe I will post a photo or 2 later this afternoon.

Secondly, and most exciting by far, I have plans to visit my B.F.F. in Ventura in May as well. The hubby is going to down to Irvine or something or other, and I am hoping he can just drop me off on the way to spend 2 days with her! And of course, before we come home, heading to DisneyLand for a day or two as well.

Thirdly on my summer agenda, in June we will be celebrating a friends birthday in the usual fashion with a camping trip. This year we will be trying a State Park which I beleive is new to all of us, Salt Point SP, which is just sounth of the Sonoma Coast. It looks like an awesome place to explore, which is my very most favorite thing about camping, well besides the campfire and the food.

We have another trip semi-planned for the end of July, with some other amazing freinds of ours to Burney Falls up the Shasta-ish area. Looking foreward to exploring that area as well.

So, that pretty-much sums up my summer plans thus far, stay tuned for more, and if you have any advice or tips on any of those areas, let me know!

Summary of recent events!

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Well, I am back after a long “blogging absence”. Not that I have been up to anything so interesting that it keeps me from blogging, but I just haven’t.
OK so that being said, I can not believe it is almost 2010! What a year it has been, and what a decade…
I rember 1999 like it was yesterday. The world as we know it was ending. Computers worldwide were going to crash, Die Hard style. Utilities, Communications, Travel, Everything was supposed to fail. I don’t remember if anything actually did go wrong, or it if it was just nothing major. Of course there was September 11, 2001. I will Never Forget that morning, waking up to KNCI talking about a plane, how young and naive I was, I ran to the TV, having no clue how important it was, watched the second plane, freaked out and got my parents, and went to work in Roseville in the small cafe I worked in at that time. All day… no customers. Just the boss and I, listening to the radio, I was so scared that our little office building would be blown sky high that day.
Getting married in 2004, becoming an army wife…
a pregnant- home alone army wife…
Having a son! Amazing! Life was great!
Then in 2005 Jon was hurt in Iraq, and I thought life was over again. But we got past that and life was improving.
Then Julia, the ultrasound, yet another day I will never ever forget. I remember how excited I was to find out if I was having a boy or a girl. Jon had just had a surgery the day before, so as he was bedridden I took my best friend with me. Something was wrong. I guess we don’t get to celebrate with ice cream. Thank God she was there. The worst year of my life so far followed. Ugh.
On a side note, it was the decade of babies! I got to meet William, Grace, Lizzy, Riley, Cy, Julia, Hailey, Payton, Paden, and Logie! Never expected in a milliion years to have so many babies in my life!
I learned who my real freinds are, the ones who are here no matter what… and my family has surprised me in many ways, mostly crap (LOL) but some pretty amazing things as well…
Well anyway, 2009 is coming to a close. We live with my parents now, and although financially, this has been the hardest year, it hasn’t been that bad, we haven’t lost anyone this year. And we do have a lot to look foreward to, from where we are sitting, we can only go upward. William starts school next year! So much to look foreward to.

Family Pictures, Day 1

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OK, much to my dismay, my camera is broken! It may be quite a while before it is repaired, or, I may just save for a new one.

So anyway, I have new project- old family photos.

So here come some from me, and then I also have really cool ones that I will put up soon, from wayyy back in the day. My grandma actaully has photos from the old west days, yes they were one of the few (at least I assume there weren’t too many) who had a camera back then. THey are prtty awesome if I do say so myself.
2 years old Me and (part of) my mom, when I was 2. This picture was taken at Pleasant Grove school. 1984.
2yo Here is one of me about 3 years old.
Ballet Me as a ballerina. Some of you may be surprised to hear that I used to be very graceful.
Gary and Mary This is my Dad, with his twin sister. Don’t know the year.
Bill Joseph and I Myself, with Bill Joseph, who was a great friend to my family. He passed away several years ago. This picture was at the Quincy County Fair, where we showed every summer.