Here’s the Scene: A bonus rant.

First the background:

Person A:moves far away and finds out much to their own surprise that they cannot make it on their own. Person A is brother to person B.

Person C (B’s wife) says, even though person A and myself have NEVER been able to get along, let’s think about helping person a get back on their feet. B and C have a nice little discussion and agree that this would be a horrible idea and pretend it never happened.

Well father of Persons A and B calls and guilt trips B into taking A in., “just until he can get situated.” Keep in mind persons B&C have been struggling financailly for quite some time on their own. All three come to an agreement A will pay 300.00 rent per month (1/4 of the rent), along with 30 for the internet and cable in his room. A is not asked for any other commitments, since B&C are truly trying to help out. It is made clear that this is a temporary arrangement for no longer than 3-6 months.

Well in moves A, who is confrontational, rude, etc. Person A has phone conversations about his experiments with drugs in front of A&Bs son. Person A parties just about every night for a year straigt. Person A has run-ins with the law involving an “alleged” DUI which A got out of… Person A starts fights with B for no apparent reason. Person A complains that person C doesn’t keep the house clean enough, even though C works full time outside the home and cooks and cleans and is a mom. By now C is really not into A, more than ever before.

Fast foreward about 16 months. Person A is still there, still hasn’t finished unpacking. Boxes clutter the hallway. A’s shower has grown a pink film which C will not deal with. Person a has now been jobless for abotu 6 months, and before that worked very minimally. Person A has started more and more fights, always has freinds over without letting B&C know about it. Hasn’t given any money at all in 2 months to B&C. eats food, showers there. Does laundry there. (B&C usually have to finish A’s laundry).

In the past 3-4 months A has yelled at B, C, and C’s mom. Has been asked to leave mulitple times. Accused B of wanting to throw him on the street. A&B’s parents wont take A back so B&C are stuck with A. Person A has managed to find 2 different jobs, even in this economy, and has quit them both, because A didn’t like them. Person A is still out partying every night, apparently with credit cards. Person A eats B&C food. Person A sleeps on the couch rather than bedroom. Person A messes up the kitchen.

Fast foreward to this last past week, B, C, and son have become so broke that they are moving in with Cs parents, to get otu of debt and hopefully buy a home soon. Person A is mad that B&C are “giving short notice to leave” short notice is about 40 days.

Person C now feels as if A has ruined B&Cs credit score, relationship, family life, etc. All parties involved are mad at eachother. Person C hopes that A dissapears. Also hopes A has some money since it is once again the first of the month. Person C is pissed that person As unemployment check just came , isn’t unemployment for people who are looking but unable to find a job? Person C contemplates (breifly) not paying taxes but decides that would be a bad idea.

Person B and Person C are packing and preparing to move, Person A came in early this morning, showered, and left again.

Person C will never again try to help a family member in need, and has learned the lesson about contracts. If the event (however rare it may be) may arise that B&C open their home to anyone again, there will be a full contract drawn up.

C is bitter as hell. C doesn’t want to see A walk through this door ever again. C is convinced that A has a mental problem and is an arrogant ass. C wants the world to know!


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