Family Pictures, Day 1

OK, much to my dismay, my camera is broken! It may be quite a while before it is repaired, or, I may just save for a new one.

So anyway, I have new project- old family photos.

So here come some from me, and then I also have really cool ones that I will put up soon, from wayyy back in the day. My grandma actaully has photos from the old west days, yes they were one of the few (at least I assume there weren’t too many) who had a camera back then. THey are prtty awesome if I do say so myself.
2 years old Me and (part of) my mom, when I was 2. This picture was taken at Pleasant Grove school. 1984.
2yo Here is one of me about 3 years old.
Ballet Me as a ballerina. Some of you may be surprised to hear that I used to be very graceful.
Gary and Mary This is my Dad, with his twin sister. Don’t know the year.
Bill Joseph and I Myself, with Bill Joseph, who was a great friend to my family. He passed away several years ago. This picture was at the Quincy County Fair, where we showed every summer.


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