Well the sun is out in Sacramento for the first time in what feels like ages. Here in NorCal, while we are not quite as blessed with continously sunny days as those SoCal folks, we still do not like be deprived for weeks on end.

So, the sun is out, and with the blinding brightness, and the warm feel on my face, I can only think of one thing, summertime! What a busy busy summer we have coming up this year! These busy summer’s are utterly and completly all my fault, but I just can’t help myself. I LOVE summer and I want to make every second count! So far we have at least 4 major events planned.

First of all, May 15 is Paintball 4 Troops. It is also (coincidentally) Armed Forces Day! Paintball 4 Troops is something that my husband, along with some awesome freinds of his started, and this year will be the third annual, and best yet. For my family, the weeks leading up to this day are crazy – filled with errands, chores, phone calls, you name it. Especially busy for my hubby as he does most of the work, but I would like to think that I do chip in a bit! Anyway they play paintball and raise money for troops. This year the profits are going directly the Folsom Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. If you are intrigued, here is a link… (shameless plugs welcomed here). Maybe I will post a photo or 2 later this afternoon.

Secondly, and most exciting by far, I have plans to visit my B.F.F. in Ventura in May as well. The hubby is going to down to Irvine or something or other, and I am hoping he can just drop me off on the way to spend 2 days with her! And of course, before we come home, heading to DisneyLand for a day or two as well.

Thirdly on my summer agenda, in June we will be celebrating a friends birthday in the usual fashion with a camping trip. This year we will be trying a State Park which I beleive is new to all of us, Salt Point SP, which is just sounth of the Sonoma Coast. It looks like an awesome place to explore, which is my very most favorite thing about camping, well besides the campfire and the food.

We have another trip semi-planned for the end of July, with some other amazing freinds of ours to Burney Falls up the Shasta-ish area. Looking foreward to exploring that area as well.

So, that pretty-much sums up my summer plans thus far, stay tuned for more, and if you have any advice or tips on any of those areas, let me know!


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