Verbal Blunders from a Four Year Old

Blunder #1- Driving out of our court, I was all set to “go” but when I looked right, I saw an SUV was coming. Quick stop. I looked back at William in his carseat, who is recovering from the stop…

Me- “Sorry for the jerk”
William- “What jerk?”
Me- “The jerk I gave you just now.”
William- “Yes Mommy, you did jerk me this morning when you didn’t let me read your magazine!”

Ahh kids are soo funny.

Then about an hour later in coffe shop, we were sharing a cinnamon roll, and I had a latte, and got William a bottle of water. William’s response to the water: “Oh Mommy is this water? I was asking for the juice! But that is ok, I still love you so much.” After a glare from me, I did get a thank you Mommy. This is how he lost his tea last night, I don’t think he wanted a reenactment.

By the way, as a sidenote, I discovered the very best cinnamon rolls on the planet today, at Kona Coffee shop in Rocklin CA. If you are in that area ever they are a must have.

Then just now, “Mommy do you know you are a real pain in the foot?”


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