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BumbleBee and Bad Words.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 5, 2010 by karyn365

To background today’s story, The Green Tangerine (possibly one of my very favorite stores) seems to be going out of business. I went by tonight to get in on the clearance sales, and took William with me. Oh boy, a 4 year old in a scrapbooking store. What a scenario. Anyway, in honor of the amazing deals, I actaully let us purchase some of the many many items he just had to touch, point to, and throw in my basket. William’s favorite section of the store, was the halloween isle.

Last year for halloween, he dressed up as BumbleBee, the transformer. The costume consisted of a one-piece suit, pretty much a bearsuit thing, that he still wears as jammies, on nights like tonight. It also had a mask, a chest sheild type thing, and a big gun type shield for one of the arms. Well of course tonight is a night for the BumbleBee Jammies. While excitedly dreaming of next year’s Halloween, William told me that he wants to be BumbleBee again next year, “With the head thing, and the arm thing, and the face thing, and the tummy thing”… on and on.

Well I proceeded to go out and start a load of laundry, while William went into his bedroom to get a game to play.

He came back in, very serious, and announced to me, “Mommy, I have something to say, and I don’t even care if it is a bad word.”

Me, distracted, “Ok, go ahead.”

William, “Ok, I will whisper.”

Me, “Whisper what? … Oh, ok, here whisper it in my ear.”

William, “And the pee pee part, and the bottom part”, with a big smile on his face.

Oh and as I am typing this, more time has passed, and his Dad has arrived. William starts in again… “Daddy, this year I am going to get the WHOLE BumbleBee.”

Dad: “William, the whole BumbleBee wouldn’t even fit in this whole house!”

William: “No Daddy, just to wear.”

The kid is obsessed.